As our client, we recognize your time is valuable and your pet’s needs are of the highest priority. To prepare for your appointment please try to bring the following: write down or take pictures of the types of foods and treats your pet receives. Take pictures or write down the types of flea, tick or heartworm preventatives your pet receives. Take pictures or write down what medications, supplements or over the counter treatments your pet receives. Take video of any behavior, noise, or movement that is of concern.

When arriving for your appointment please try to check in a few minutes early. Our veterinary receptionist will then be able to gather any necessary information about you and your pet before your appointment time. The receptionist will gladly answer any questions you may have about your visit before handing you off to a veterinary technician who will then show you to an examination room to begin your appointment.

The veterinary technician will take your pet’s temperature, gather a history, scan for a microchip and address any concerns you have regarding your pet’s health and well being.

Our veterinarian will then come to greet you and your pet and complete a comprehensive history and examination.

This is a great time to ask questions, review your pictures and videos and discuss a possible diagnosis and course of care. Once a treatment plan is put together, we will ask for your signature to authorize consent for care.

Our veterinary team wants to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the information we are providing. We will support your decision to choose the course of care which is best for you and your family and we will never perform services without your consent.

Your visit will conclude once all services have been completed.

Thank you for choosing us as your family’s primary provider for veterinary care!