Microchips For Your Animals

A microchip can be the difference between life and death for a lost animal. Many animals lose their collars when they break free of a yard, and have no identification. Having a micro-chip put in your animal is extremely easy, quick and generally non-stressful. Implanting the very small grain of rice-sized chip (see picture above-the tiny chip is in the center of the clear demonstration disk below the red lettering) is done by a simple injection at a regular office visit and only takes a few minutes, with no sedation or anesthetic required.

Animal shelters all over the country have scanners to detect microchips in found animals and if your pet is found, it can quickly be returned to you, even if you are traveling out of state. Animals in Fort Collins, Wellington, Laporte, and all over Northern colorado can benefit from having a microchip implanted.

We implant “Home Again” one of the most widely used brands in the country, and all humane societies, shelters, and many veterinarians have scanners which will recognize these chips and help return your lost pet to you quickly. This can be especially important if you travel with your pet and he/she is lost.

MIcrochips can be required for such things as registering OFA (hip certifications) on purebred dogs, and for some international travel.

All pets can be micro-chipped, even birds (with the exception of very small species) and horses.

Please call the clinic at (970) 490-1999 for prices, registration information and to make an appointment for this quick and easy procedure and you may save your animal’s life.

Lost And Found

Published September 24, 2013 | By Marina Asbury

The recent disastrous floods that have occurred in our state have brought into stark relief the benefits of microchipping pets. Many pets have been separated from their human families during this time and fortunately many have been rescued with their families or have found shelter until they can be reunited with them. Microchipping involves a quick and simple procedure that can be done in your veterinarian’s office or local animal medical center. It involves implanting a digital chip, about the size of a grain of rice, under your pet’s skin. This simple effective device can go a long way in ensuring pet safety in the event that a beloved pet either becomes lost or is separated from its family.

Microchipping animals is fast becoming the standard for reuniting lost pets with their families. In some jurisdictions it has become a pet care and pet ownership requirement. You can discuss with your veterinarian whether microchipping is an option for your pet. We can never foresee disasters that may involve our pets but we can be proactive in preventing added stress during difficult times.

LaPorte Animal Clinic offers quality microchip products and competent staff to perform the procedure, microchipping can be done during a regular office visit and only requires a few minutes, and does not involve sedation. A test scan will be performed in order to ensure that everything is working properly. Soon afterwards you will be on your way secure in the knowledge that you have given your pet the chance to find their way back to you if they become separated from you. LaPorte Animal Clinic utilizes industry standards in microchip brand, brands that all humane societies, shelters, and that most veterinarians have scanners for. In fact all human societies and shelters now routinely scan for microchips in lost pets. In addition all types of pets can be microchipped, even birds (except very small species) and horses.

LaPorte Animal Clinic provides compassionate and competent medical and dental care for horses, cats, dogs, birds and exotic pets. They also carry a broad supply of quality pet products that will meet all your pet care needs. Call them today or stop in for a visit for more information or to make an appointment to consult about your pet’s healthcare and dental care needs. Located in the Fort Collins area at 3333 W. County Road 54G, LaPorte, Colorado 80535, 970-490-1999