Dr. Andrew Dean is a unique combination of equine veterinarian and experienced farrier. He can care for your horse’s entire needs, with the ability to do lameness examinations, nerve blocks and digital radiographs to diagnose leg and hoof disease, and then follow up with appropriate therapeutic trimming and shoeing as needed. He is an experienced blacksmith who can hand craft individual shoes of all types and sizes for each horse’s needs, including horses with laminitis, navicular disease, and other issues. He provides both ambulatory calls to your farm in Fort Collins, Laporte, Wellington, Loveland, other areas in Northern Colorado, and haul-in services to his well-equipped facility in Waverly. (See map to our location in Waverly)


He treats a wide variety of hoof and limb problems in foals, mature active horses and older patients, as well as making recommendations for routine trimming and shoeing to allow your horse to move in the best way possible. He is experienced in treating conditions such as laminitis (founder), navicular disease, and issues with hoof growth that are best helped with both special horseshoeing techniques and sometimes medications. Dr. Dean can provide the best in horseshoeing care for horses with special hoof needs. Dr. Dean’s farrier experience has made him exceedingly proficient at “hot shoeing” and can shape your horses shoes in his mobile forge to fit exactly. An example of successful treatment of a severe hoof crack is exhibited below.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (970) 490-1999.

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