Teeth Cleaning and Care for Dogs & Cats

Here at Laporte Animal Clinic, we strongly believe in preventative dental care. The health of your pet’s entire body can be affected by infections or pain from dental problems. We will be glad to do a dental examination on your dog, cat, or any other animal and discuss treatment for any dental problems they may have, as well as discuss options for preventing future problems. We have a full line of at home care products for you to use to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy, such as CET chews, Greenies, dental diets such as Hill’s T.D. food to prevent tartar, solutions to add to your pet’s water, and special at home options for teeth cleaning for dogs and teeth cleaning for cats like toothbrushes, toothpaste and finger brushes that we find especially easy to use. If your pet has advanced tartar and gingivitis, he/she will probably need a professional cleaning and thorough oral examination under anesthesia.

We have experienced dental technicians and advanced equipment for teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.

Dr. Marta Dean recently completed an advanced course in dental techniques in Colorado Springs. She has added a new dental two-speed drill, molar cutting and water irrigation station to our equipment. We use ultrasonic and hand scaling, polish your pet’s teeth after cleaning to remove microscopic pitting in the enamel (which can grow new bacteria and plaque if not smoothed), and root planning to remove any plaque hiding under the gumline (which will quickly regrow new tartar if not removed).

We now have digital dental x-ray capability to check roots on teeth. This can help us detect infected or compromised teeth that may not look abnormal on the surface and decide if extraction is necessary to avoid infection of the jaw bones.

Our doctors are experienced and very competent at tooth extractions, removal of oral masses, etc. We regularly perform dental care for geriatric animals under general anesthesia, and use the safest anesthetics and monitoring available. Feel free to make an appointment and talk to one of our experienced technicians or the doctors if you have concerns about the safety of anesthesia for your older pets.

If you live in Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, Greeley, Bellvue, or Northern Colorado (or Southern Wyoming), please call us or schedule a reduced cost predental examination to get a quote for dental cleaning and care for your dog or cat!

Please ask about “ORAVET” a unique new coating agent that can be applied after your pet’s dental cleaning and help repel new plaque formation.

See this video for tips on how to brush your dog’s teeth! 

Dental Care for Exotic Animals (Rabbits, Rodents, Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc)

Dr. Marta Dean is very experienced in the unique dental care for small exotic animals. She is capable of treating such problems as incisor and molar overgrowth, jaw abscesses, and tooth extractions. We use specialized tools made just for their small mouths and have a special bur with a guard to smooth down overgrown molars (a common and sometimes life threatening problem in rabbits and guinea pigs).