This will let us record your’s and your pet’s into our management software so that we can effectively and efficiently provide the service you deserve!

We encourage you to have any medical records from other clinics sent to us prior to your appointment. Feel free to have them email or fax over any documents to us.

Email us here, or
Fax #: (970) 407-7977

We have a form for information on you:

New client/ownerDownload & Print Form | Online Form

Now, we also have a required form for each of your pets-they are grouped according to species

For Dogs and Cats Download & Print Form | Online Form

For Horses Download & Print Form | Online Form

For Birds (chickens/ducks/Turkeys/gamebirds) Online Form

For Birds (parrots/doves/canaries etc) Download & Print Form | Online Form

For Reptiles Download & Print Form | Online Form

For Rabbits Download & Print Form | Online Form

For Pocket Pets (Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Hamsters and all other exotics) Download & Print Form | Online Form

If your animal has a skin or ear problem that we will be seeing them for or if your cat has a urinary issue please print off either the Dermatology (Skin/Ear) or Urinary form and bring it with you to your appointment, or if you can, we would love if you could scan and email it back to us before the appointment or drop it off before your appointment. This would help the doctor to evaluate the possible causes and use your appointment time more efficiently.

Dermatology Questionnaire Download and Print Form

Cat Urinary Questionnaire Download and Print Form