We are now making an option available for our regular established clients to request medication refills for their pets who are on long term medications via email. This may help if you realize in the evening that you are running low on medications and need them ASAP the next day.

If you need a refill on your pet’s medication, please send an email here.

Our technicians will check emails before 9 am each morning and attempt to fill all requests as quickly as possible. Expect your medication to be ready by 4 pm at the latest. We will try to call you as soon as the refill is ready to be picked up. Call if you are coming before 1 pm and you have not heard from us, to make sure the prescription is ready. ANY MEDICATION REFILLS SENT VIA EMAIL AFTER 9 AM WILL BE FILLED THE FOLLOWING DAY!

Be sure to include your full name and phone number, your pets name, which medication you need, the strength of the medication (usually in mgs on your old bottle) and especially the number of pills or amount of liquid you need. If there is a major change in the number of pills or something else does not correspond to your previous prescription, the technicians will call you to confirm that the information is correct before filling the prescription.

Please be aware that our technicians will not check emails after 9 am, so if you need a medication filled today and it is after 9 am, it is best to just call or text us at 970-490-1999 or fax your request 970-407-7977.