We provide knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate care for most species of exotics, including (but not limited to):

Bird Care

We provide bird care for a wide range of our winged friends, from canaries,  parrots, all the way to chickens. Each kind of bird requires a different kind of specific care and here at Laporte Animal Clinic we are well versed in caring for any kind of bird that may come in through our door. Bloodwork, fecal analysis and radiographs are available if needed. We also can provide more intensive medical bird care if necessary including special incubators, oxygen therapy, and nebulization.

We also provide bird beak, nail and wing grooming and gender determination.

We are glad to discuss the unique dietary and other needs for your special bird’s health. We keep many types of appropriate pelleted foods and supplements for birds right here in the clinic for your convenience.

Rabbit Care

We can also cater to all of your rabbit care needs. From a medical point of view, rabbits are considered exotics. Only specially trained veterinarians are able to treat them correctly and here at Laporte Animal Clinic, our staff is trained and experienced in returning your rabbit to its healthy, hopping self. We are knowledgeable in treating the common conditions in rabbits such as dental disease, intestinal problems, ear and eye infections, as well as more unusual diseases and metabolic problems. We can perform dental care under anesthesia, do radiographs if needed and even hospitalize rabbits if needed. If you have any questions or concerns about your rabbits health, please stop by our office and let our rabbit care experts help you and your furry little friend.

We are very experienced at spays and neuters in rabbits, and have been involved in providing these surgeries for the House Rabbit Society and the Larimer Humane society in the past. We understand safe anesthesia for your rabbits, and can provide proper pain medication after surgeries.

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs and other small mammals can be some of the most dear pets we have, so it is important to give them all the same love and care that our other pets receive. We can offer you husbandry and nutritional counseling for your little furry friends. We carry many products such as Oxbow diets and Vitamin C supplements to help your guinea pig.  Dental care for guinea pigs and other small mammal  is very important for a long life and good health, so we also offer specialized care for tooth problems in rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents.


Here at Laporte Animal Clinic, we understand and respect the loving bond that can develop between these special little pets and their owners.  We are knowledgeable in the proper care, feeding and housing of these small friends.  We can help with dental problems, respiratory infections, and even surgery to remove tumors or treat other conditions. We also carry proper feeds such as Oxbow Regal Rat, Oxbow hamster food, chinchilla diet and other diets and supplements for your “pocket pets”.

Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Pot-bellied and miniature pigs, etc

We have experience with treating many, many types of exotics here at Laporte Animal Clinic, and have lots of information available on nutrition, husbandry and proper care of these special pets.  We recommend at least annual examinations for all your exotic pets so that these important aspects of their care can be discussed with you in person. We can do nail trims, dental examinations, and complete physicals. Just Ask!

In addition to the articles our doctors have written on the website-there is excellent information available on many aspects of small mammal care/behavior/diseases at this site here.


Dr. Marta Dean has experience with treatment and addressing husbandry and dietary concerns for lizards, snakes, turtles and many more species of reptiles as well as amphibians.

There are some excellent articles on reptile care available at our partner website