Our Puppy Vaccination Program

Here at Laporte Animal Clinic, we recognize the importance of starting your puppy off in the right direction for a long and healthy life. Vaccinations, physical examinations, regular discussions with our doctors regarding concerns for growth related problems, nutrition, etc and regular deworming, fecal examinations and heartworm preventative are critical to keeping your puppy safe and healthy. These first few months are the most important in your puppy’s life as they are susceptible to many more infections than an adult dog is, due to their immature immune systems. Many congenital or growth problems can be detected and treated at these visits. With proper nutrition and care, you can avoid or treat many growth related problems, especially in large breed puppies.

These are our minimum recommendations for a healthy puppy, with additional vaccines and treatments discussed in addition to core vaccinations, depending on your individual puppies likelihood of exposure to disease. Even if your puppy received vaccinations at 6 weeks of age from the breeder-it is still critical that we see them at 8-9 weeks for their first visit.

8-9 Weeks

  • First Complete physical exam, checking for heart murmurs, hernia, congenital disorders, eyes, ears, lungs, legs, etc. and including a discussion of nutrition, lifestyle plans, breeding vs. spay/castration, behavioral issues and answering any other questions you may have
  • First DHPP (Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza/Hepatitis/Coronavirus vaccination (we use the safest, most effective vaccines on the market, that our doctor has personally investigated and approved)
  • Fecal examination by direct microscope slide and float to check for intestinal parasites/eggs , plus or minus a test for Giardia, and dispensing of appropriate deworming medications
  • Heartworm preventative dispensed (free 1st Heartguard sample for puppies under 25lbs)
  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccination at this visit if puppy is going to classes soon (not included in price of puppy program, as this is optional, but discounted 10%)

12 Weeks

  • Second complete physical exam-making sure your puppy is growing properly, checking teeth for proper eruption, rechecking all the items on first physical examination and discussing any concerns you may have
  • 2nd DHPP vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Fecal examination (some parasites are cyclical so may not show up on first fecal)
  • Optional vaccinations (not included in package but available at a 10% discount)such as:
  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
  • First Leptospirosis vaccine

16 Weeks

  • Third complete physical exam and discussion of planning for castration/spay
  • 3rd DHPP
  • Booster Leptospirosis if needed
  • Booster Bordatella if needed

Our puppy vaccination program includes all the core vaccinations (the DHPP combination and Rabies vaccines), all the physical examinations, fecal examinations, nutritional counseling, free heartworm preventative samples and free dose of flea/tick preventative all for a 20% discount off the costs if each visit paid for separately! Call us for current pricing. Also, you will receive 10% off additional vaccinations such as Leptospirosis and Bordatella if they are indicated for your puppy, and 10% off the cost of your puppy’s neuter surgery. In order to receive this discount, the package must be paid for at the time of the first visit. Please call the clinic at (970) 490-1999 for pricing information.