Our Kitten Care and Vaccination Package

We love kittens! (who doesn’t?!) Adorable, playful, full of energy, and so much fun. We want to make sure your kitten gets off to the best start and is protected against any dangerous diseases, as well as has the proper nutrition and care to grow into a strong and healthy adult cat. We offer a special package for 20% off the normal price of individual procedures that covers all the recommended vaccinations for kittens (and 10% off optional vaccination for FIV vaccine), as well as physical examinations, blood test for dangerous diseases such as Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency virus, fecal testing for parasites, proper deworming and 10% off surgery costs at the time of your kitten’s spay/neuter surgery.

Here are our recommendations for keeping your kitten healthy:

8-9 weeks

A complete physical examination, including checking for heart murmurs, signs of respiratory infections (common in kittens), growth problems, hernias, intestinal distress, and a full discussion of proper nutrition and any concerns you may have regarding litter box training, introducing your kitten to other pets, behavioral issues, etc

  • A blood test for Feline Leukemia
  • Your kitten’s first FVRCP ( Feline Distemper/Rhinotracheitis/Panleukopenia/Chlamydia) vaccination
  • A fecal microscopic and float examination for common intestinal parasites and the dispensing of proper deworming medications

12 weeks

Another complete physical examination-making sure your kitten is growing properly and discussing any concerns you may have

  • A second Feline FVRCP vaccination
  • Your kitten’s first Feline Leukemia vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination using “Purevax” Rabies vaccine by Merial, one of the safest and least reactive, adjuvant free vaccines on the market-made especially and exclusively for cats
  • A second fecal examination-to catch any intestinal parasites that may not have shown eggs on the initial examination due to the life cycle of the parasites

16 weeks

A final complete physical examination, and a discussion of castration/spay surgery for your kitten, as well as responding to any concerns or questions you may have about your kitten’s development

  • Third Feline Distemper combination vaccination
  • Second Feline Leukemia vaccination
  • A third fecal examination

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (970) 490-1999.