Cat Health

Here at Laporte Animal Clinic, we love cats and understand how to work with them in a slow, relaxed manner to keep them at ease. We believe in proper preventative cat care suited to your individual cat’s lifestyle. We understand what a special place a cat can fill in your heart. Dr. Marta Dean has always had cats in her life, and a particularly favorite cat “Leo” from her childhood is what helped to inspire her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine!

Cat Care

We want to make your cat’s visit to our clinic as stress-less and pleasant as possible. Try to get your cat accustomed to the carrier by leaving it out for several days at your house before the visit. Even try putting special treats such as tuna in a bowl, or your cat’s favorite snack inside the carrier and leave the door open. Some very helpful aids for very stressed cats are natural quieting agents (we have a very good oral chewable supplement at the clinic called composure) you can pick up before the visit-and also a feline pheromone spray called Feliway that can be sprayed in the carrier and will have a calming effect-by the way, the Feliway spray is also great for behavioral problems like intercat aggression and urine spraying) You might want to close him/her in the carrier and put it in the car for a few minutes while talking quietly and re-assuring your friend, then drive down and back up the driveway a few times before going back into the house. Put a nice soft towel (preferably just out of the dryer) with favorite treats in the carrier when bringing your friend to the clinic. We strongly discourage bringing your cat on your lap in the car, as this is dangerous for you and them, and when you open the door, your cat may escape in the parking lot. A harness with a leash is an alternative if you can condition your cat to the idea before the visit.

Examinations and vaccines

When you arrive at the clinic, you may wish to come in the door first without your cat and let us know you are here-we will clear up a room as quickly as possible for you, so you can walk right into the exam room and forego the waiting area. Ideally, we will then have you set the carrier on the table or floor with the door open for a few minutes while we talk about your cats health, to let him/her get used to the room and maybe come out on their own. We will then give your friend a complete physical examination from ear tips to tail tip. We will check for dental problems, heart and lung health, feel for lumps/bumps and also discuss his/her lifestyle and any particular changes in behavior, weight changes, appetite or litterbox issues that could indicate a health problem.

We tailor our vaccination programs according your cat’s risks. We recommend a minimum of Rabies and FVRCP (“distemper”) vaccination for indoor and low-risk cats, with other vaccinations such as Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency virus vaccines for outdoor cats. Some indoor cats can be switched to a 3 year FVRCP plan if their lifestyle is low-risk.

We use the safest, least reactive vaccines, made by Merial available for cats. Ask about our advanced Purevax Rabies vaccine which has no adjuvants and much less chance of short or long term reactions than any other vaccine on the market!

We recommend strongly and offer in house testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV virus for all new cats and kittens.

Kitten care

We have a special kitten care and vaccination package that can save you 20% off normal costs and provides for all the recommended vaccinations and testing to make sure your kitten is healthy and protected. See the accompanying page in this website!

Surgery, Dentals and Anesthesia

We tailor our surgeries, anesthetics, and pain medications to your cat’s individual needs to provide the safest, most comfortable recovery possible when surgery or dental care is needed.

Please see the pages in our website about these important concerns. We want to be sure you are well-informed and feel comfortable with any decisions that need to be made for your cat’s health.

Senior Cats

See our website article on older cats for more information.

Older cats have very special medical needs, and our doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced in providing for the proper cat care, diagnostic tests, up to date medications and dietary needs of mature cats.

Please ask about our special senior cat care package that includes 2 annual physical examinations, blood chemistry tests to check your cat’s important organ functions (such as kidney, liver, thyroid) and also urinalysis to detect early kidney disease that might not show up on blood work) and overall cat health. We feel this information is critical in order for us to help your cat live as long and healthy a life as possible, so we provide these services at a significant discount when you opt for this package. Once we have run these tests, we can make proper recommendations for appropriate diets, medications and lifestyle changes that may be needed for your best friend’s health.

Here is a link to some excellent resources about caring for your cat. Often, cat’s owners feel they are so independent that they really need little medical care. Cats are masters at hiding illness and pain, we encourage owners to educate themselves about the care your friend needs from kitten hood to the senior years, and what to look for to know if your cat is not feeling well or is uncomfortable. Click here to read what you need to be looking for to see if your cat is sick or injured.

We are very excited about our new very effective and easy to use topical dewormer, Profender for cats who like to hunt mice and other prey. No more trying to push pills down your cat!


We also offer reasonably priced boarding for cats, including those with special cat care needs such as diabetics or cats who need administration of special medications while you are on vacation.